JEM Inc.

JEM Inc.
JEM Imports
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Newport, Maine
FAX Only: 207.368.4366


JEM Inc. is a family owned and operated furniture manufacturing and wholesale distribution company.  Our goal is to provide products to our
dealers at prices that are tailored to today's economic environment.

In addition to our full line of Maine-made, handcrafted bedroom
furniture, we also offer upholstered furniture 
from Best Chairs, an American company.

We take great pride in our mission to support New England's economy
and provide value furniture for our customers.  

Thank you for your interest and support.

...Your Source for Value


If you are an individual interested in our products, please complete a form
on the "Contact Us" page to locate a dealer near you.

**Please note that our website is not yet as complete and thorough as we intend. 
We are providing current photos and updated information as quickly as we are able.
Thank you for your patience.

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